Reflections: Naseeb

Many times I thought that if something didn’t work out for you – you could have done this or done that or tried harder or if that one thing hadn’t happened then it would have worked out. But that’s not true. Every little, teeny tiny, insignificant thing happens for a reason. And those events and choices bring you closer and closer to where, what, and who you’re meant to be. Continue reading “Reflections: Naseeb”

What’s Haram For Me Is Haram For You

So let’s get one thing straight, WHAT IS HARAM FOR ME IS HARAM FOR YOU. Just because I choose to wear a hijab does not mean that I am held to a different standard than a sister who doesn’t wear a hijab nor am I held to a different standard than a Muslim man. Continue reading “What’s Haram For Me Is Haram For You”

American Raised

I never fit in anywhere. I always felt like I was in a state of limbo. I’m too American for Pakistan and too foreign for America. Pakistan never understood me and America never liked me. My whole life, for as long as I can remember I felt like I have to fight for my place everywhere I go. You will never understand how much being a Muslim in America dictates my life; until you experience it for yourself. Continue reading “American Raised”

Boycott Hajj?

Over the past few months, there has been a new trend, more of an innovation if I’m being completely honest here. There has been an ongoing “movement” to: #BoycottHajj. Yes, you read that right, people are talking about boycotting one of the five pillars of Islam. Continue reading “Boycott Hajj?”

An Open Letter to My Twenty-Something Girls

Make your own path. Who cares if it’s not conventional and what people expect of you? All your life people will give you advice, sometimes advice that doesn’t apply to you at all. Continue reading “An Open Letter to My Twenty-Something Girls”

Flying While Muslim

If you have any type of social media I’m sure that you’ve heard and seen that Adam Saleh was kicked off a delta flight after he spoke in Arabic and the white people around him told the crew that they were “uncomfortable” with him on the plane. Continue reading “Flying While Muslim”